Biographical Films

A biography of a family member, friend, or colleague is more than a collection of anecdotes and photos, it's their life's story; it's the narrative of the path that led them to where they are, and who they are, now. That narrative is best told by the witnesses to the events that formed the person's story- colleagues, relatives, and friends. The theme of every biography is different, what led one person along their life's path and the important events and milestones marking their journey may be very different for someone else. The common thread in telling someone's story, whether focusing on events or less tangible nuances of their life, is highlighting and honoring their innate character. There are many options available to you in commissioning a biographical film; for example, it can encompass their entire life, or focus on certain topics or events important to them. The film can be produced with the subject's knowledge or as a surprise, often revealed at a special event, such as a retirement, reunion, or award ceremony. We can help you decide what's best for your subject!